UMANG – A Master App for 200+ eGov Services


Aiming to target the Digital India dream, the government is coming up with a unified mobile platform and application – Unified Mobile Application for New age Governance (UMANG ). UMANG will enable access to e-Gov services to all the citizens of India. It will be a master app with integrated services such as national scholarship, CBSE/State Education Boards, passport services, income tax, women safety, e-Post, land records, DigiLocker and many more offered by Centre, states and even from local bodies & their agencies.

What is UMANG?

UMANG is an acronym for Unified Mobile Application for New Age Governance and will be developed by the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s  (MeitY)   National E-governance Division (NeGD). The app will integrate 200+ government services which would be available on an app, an SMS service and IVR.

Why do we need  UMANG ?

Presently there are plethora of apps by various government departments for citizens to access e-Government services. Different apps for different e-Gov services lead to confusion, resulting in the lesser usage of apps.

UMANG, a revolutionary app will address the above issue along with making the entire gamut of e-Gov services available under one roof.

  • UMANG will add convenience offering single unified platform.
  • UMANG will be easy to use and will be available in multiple languages.
  • Citizens of India would be able to find all government services at a go.

How will UMANG work?

User has to download just a single app to access all the e-Gov services integrated on it. The app will store the personal details, preferences of the citizen eliminating the need to re-enter the details every time. UMANG will also include documents such as Aadhaar Card and DigiLocker. The app will be available in 13 languages over smartphone and internet.

Features of UMANG

  • One App, URL, SMS Code and IVR (Toll Free) Number
  • A robust cloud based platform at the back-end
  • No duplication of efforts => Efficiency, Lower Cost
  • Convergence of efforts
  • Unified Access
  • Multilingual Access and Support


Umang-Master of all apps


Spice Digital and UMANG

Spice Digital has always been at the forefront in bridging the digital divide in the country. We are now a proud partner agency for design, development and delivery of UMANG project. Our skilled technology team is developing UMANG Platform and with extensive experience in app development, we are also facilitating the integration of department APIs & providing maintenance and development support.

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