Mobile Marketing Stats that matter to invest in mobile marketing

Smartphone penetration is growing rapidly and by 2017 almost a third of all Indian mobile users are expected to own a smartphone. Worldwide figures state that almost 50 percent of mobile users are going to own a smartphone by 2017. ( )

Mobile has left behind desktop and has drastically changed the way we carry out search on web. Mobile apps have now become a preferred choice of users for content consumption as compared to web browsing. This has led to a transformation, especially the way we socialize and shop.

Brands have already recognized that we are approaching a point when mobile usage exceeds that of all other devices combined. Sensing all the hidden opportunities, marketers are making a paradigm shift in their digital marketing methods.
Will this year be the tipping point in mobile marketing? Let’s try to find with facts and figures:
1. According to eMarketer, total mobile ad spend will cross $100 billion worldwide by 2016
2. Acording to Facebook research in Oct 2015, 73% of people always have their mobile device with them even in the bathroom.
3. In a report by Forrester, it has been mentioned that people pick up their mobile devices 150 to 200 times a day.
4. 80% of Internet users use smartphones to search the Web.
5. According to a recent global digital snapshot published by We Are Social there are nearly as many active mobile social accounts in the world (1.68 billion) as there are smartphones.
6. Mobile video accounted for 55% of mobile data usage by the end of 2014 by Cisco ‘15 Mobile Forecast


Without further ado, it is obvious that mobile marketing is going to be the next big thing and marketers are trying hard to unwind new opportunities.

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